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In memory of dr. Greg Ruchti (1980-2019). He will be remembered by astronomers for his wonderful personality and his excellent work with the RAVE survey.

Our goal is to look beyond the remarkable developments in Galactic archaeology since the Gaia DR2 release. We will discuss recent results from the K2, GES, RAVE, TESS, GALAH, APOGEE and LAMOST surveys, and what it will take to make sense of it all.

Due to a large number of scheduled talks, the conference has been prolonged for one day, therefore some of the talks will also happen on Sunday 16th.

Topics covered are:
Surveys overview,
Large scale Galactic components,
Abundances and ages,
The future of data driven spectroscopy,
Dynamical phenomena,
Dynamical modeling,
Future surveys.

Martin Asplund
Joss Bland-Hawthorn
Gayandhi De Silva
Ken Freeman
Karin Lind
Melissa Ness
Tomaž Zwitter

Joss Bland-Hawthorn
Klemen Čotar
Janez Kos
Tomaž Zwitter

There is no conference fee. Child care is available free of charge.